Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Photonomics?

Photonomics is a visual asset management solution that allows organizations and businesses to organize, manage, and protect their photo and video assets.

Who is the ideal Photonomics customer?

The Photonomics system works best for organizations or businesses that have small marketing teams that need to access their photos and videos on a regular basis, and have one person designated as the administrator of those assets. We feel that having one person in charge of managing and distributing these assets prevents having “too many cooks in the kitchen”, which can lead to loss of version control, loss of assets, and the loss of the integrity of the organization of those assets. Some of our clients include schools, park districts, nonprofits, convention and visitors bureaus, event and entertainment venues, etc.

Can I share Photonomics with members of my team?

Yes, but we feel that the best means of sharing is to have one person be the administrator of Photonomics. This administrator will have the ability to share all or part of the assets with team members in a way that maintains the integrity of the original catalog (i.e. other team members won’t have the ability to delete or manipulate the originals, preventing loss of version control and preserving the integrity of the assets).

What types of digtial files work with Photonomics?

Photonomics supports most native camera raw file formats, as well as the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, DNG, TIFF, PSD, AVI, MP4, MOV, and AVCHD.

What are the system requirements for my computer?

To run Photonomics you”ll need a Mac or Windows computer with an internet connection.

Tell me about the backup.

The Photonomics backup system is built on the 3-2-1 philosophy of archiving: 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are on different mediums or devices, and at least 1 copy off-site. Your assets are backed up securely to the cloud, and again on our secure servers, where we create both an on- and off-site version.

What if I need more storage space than 1 TB?

Additional space is available for purchase. Contact us at (815) 988.0236 or email for more information.

Is tech support really free?

Yes! Email us at with any questions you might have, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

How does setup and training work?

During the setup process, a Photonomics team member will guide you through the process via on-site and off-site coordination. Once everything is set up, we provide a one-on-one training session with you to thoroughly familiarize you with the Photonomics system.

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